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ARB Compressor & acessories

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Tune-up SUV

ARB Compressors

The ARB car compressor features multifunctionality: it can be used both for driving differential locks and for adjusting tire pressures. A wide functional will be appreciated by each SUV driver. The ARB compressor quickly pumps the car's wheels from the "off-road" level to the "asphalt" level, which will make it easier to move along the hard road surface. ARB creates onboard and portable models of high performance. Сompany offers a wide range of compressors for you.

Engineers of ARB spent countless hours on design and development, thanks to this air compressors can easily cope with the pumping of wheels and / or the activation of forced-lockable differentials.

  • Anodized cylinder for reducing friction;
  • Teflon impregnation of the carbon cylinder O-ring for maximum uninterrupted service life;
  • Valve for controlling the pressure in the system, specially designed for use on a car with an installed air-blocked differential ARB;
  • The anodized compressor mounting bracket prevents overheating of the motor and allows the compressor to be secured in various locations;
  • Anti-vibration and noise-reducing gaskets are integrated in the base of the compressor;
  • The piston compressor is equipped with a high-quality German bearing, with a high degree of impact resistance;
  • An air filter with splash protection can be moved to a more waterproof place (for example, snorkel);
  • Filter element with high flow capacity and the possibility of washing with water;
  • High strength of the entire structure of cast aluminum;

Portable ARB Compressors

The most popular model in the line of ARB, designed for any off-road adventure. The compressor is made of high-quality lightweight materials and comes complete with a comfortable and durable box. The walls of the cylinder are covered with a hard anodized coating, and the piston seal is made of carbon fiber with Teflon coating, which ensures a long service life of the compressor. The kit includes a six-meter air hose, crocodiles for connection to the battery and all the necessary adapters for inflating tires or tourist equipment. The compressor is mounted in a sturdy box for storage and transportation.

ARB Twin Compressor

This compact compressor installed in the car was designed to do everything! ARB, inflate the 35 "tire in less than a minute and use an anneu tools.It can work without interruptions unlimited time, giving out a flow of 6.16 cubic feet per minute and is designed to support all your compressed air needs.

Air Compressor Accessories

One problem that occurs when pumping or swapping an SUV's wheels is correct determination of tire pressure.

Rather, you will beat your foot than correctly determine the pressure. Here, in order not to engage in pinning and is not tormented by ignorance about the pressure in the wheel, ARB proposes using a pressure gauge on the compressor hose. Nasada is equipped with a pressure gauge with very high accuracy of the pressure measurement and a well-read double scale (PSI / BAR). The air bleed button on the nozzle allows you to bleed excess pressure in the wheel to the pressure required by direct pressure control on the manometer. The pressure gauge itself is protected by a sturdy housing, which greatly increases the service life of the pressure gauge. The nozzle has a flexible hose length of 330 mm in a stainless braid. The hose makes it easy to use the nozzle at almost any angle.