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Old Man Emu BP-51 Shock Absorber

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Old Man Emu 51mm Shock Absorbers — more control and comfort

BP-51 off-road shock absorbers are the result of years of development and research. Designed for better control on challenging terrain, they also provide comfort on flat city roads for everyday ride.

Old Man Emu BP-51 shock absorbers have next features:

  • Mountable without special vehicle modifications;
  • Absorbing both compression and release;
  • Bypass piston technology;
  • Aviation aluminum with better thermoregulation;
  • Off-road control and improved comfort on asphalt.

One of the top advantages is universality. BP-51 Old Emu shock absorbers is completely compatible with wide range of vehicles without any modifications. The other one benefit — is release and compression absorption adjustment. So, you can customise it for your needs.

Bypass piston technology

BP-51 bypass Old Man Emu shock absorbers have improved construction.

Old-style traditional pistons make fluid inside move through them. As a result, they react to speed of compression. Faster compression — stronger absorption. Such pistons got a lot of disadvantages like hard strike at the full compression or release position.

Old Man shock absorbers got additional bypass channels. So, some fluid goes through the piston and some through the channels. BP-51 off-road trailer shock absorber doesn’t react to speed. It reacts to position. More displacement — more powerful absorption. Smooth pits will be absorbed softly. And if compression or release is close to full, BP-51 will prevent strike with stronger absorption.

As a result, improved control on complicated terrain and soft behavior in everyday life. Old Man Emu shock absorbers are worth their price, because of reliability and universality. BP-51 also stretches suppressing system lifetime.