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Old Man Emu Leaf Springs

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Old Man Emu Leaf springs — providing riding performance irrespective conditions

Engineered for increasing ride performance, Old Man Emu leaf springs doing their job irrespective driving conditions' vehicle’s suppression was designed for.

Old Man Emu leaf springs were engineered for multiple purposes. You can set up with them truck for commercial use or 4x4 off-road jeep for recreation. To improve ride conditions on every type of terrain, is recommended to use OME shocking absorbers.

OME Dakar leaf springs have multiple features:

  • Diamond cutting technology and smoothly tapered leafs. Heavy load on springs end’s is distributing on larger area to reduce high stress. As a result, improving ride conditions, increasing springs lifetime and preventing leaf's ends breakage.
  • Already scragged and tested. Manufacture testing and scragging prevents sagging of OME springs and makes you sure that it will take a “set”. Testing is important to be sure that OME products meet high quality standarts.
  • Military wrapping. Providing additional safety.
  • Linears and bolt clamps. For purpose of nylon antisqueak liners installation, leaf's clamps were bolted.
  • Antifriction pads. Old Man Emu heavy-duty springs got better conditions under the biggest load because of interleaf regreasable liners made from nylon that are reducing leaf tip's friction.
  • Flat axle seat area. Increasing lifetime and decreasing load of leaf springs by safe and positive axle mount.
  • Shot peening. Shot peened leaf’s sides got less stress load that increasing lifetime up to two times.
  • Double leaf pack. Unloaded vehicle most commonly uses only first stage of pack. But under heavy load it will ride using both. That helps to improve riding capabilities on some rare springs' system.

To choose OME leaf springs for your vehicle, please read the list of them or call us. Some springs don’t have all the amount features from list above.