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ARB Air Lockers

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Tune-up SUV
  • ARB compressors. The ARB compressor has been specifically designed to meet market needs in a compact but very powerful air-supplying device. The power of the new compressor makes it possible to use it for various pneumatic tools. At the same time, it is able to activate and control the operation of airlock, and meets the high demands of users of ARB products. Application:

 - To ensure the operation of airlock ARB

 - Rapid inflation of tires of any size

 - Pneumatic tools designed for air flow up to 85 l / min and pressure up to 6 bar (90 P).

  • Pneumatic tools designed for air flow above 85 l / min and pressure up to 6 bar (90 P) with an additional air tank.
  • ARB air locker.  Lockable differentials ARB will allow your car to cope with any off-road. Original design of locks ARB Air Locker from three parts has long proved its reliability. Since the 80's, he has been constantly evolving and improving to become the main assistant of 4WD fans around the world. The movement of the switch - and you easily get out of the swamp or quicksand and climb a steep rock. The key element of the new design is "smart" gears. In old locks with a three-part design, the gears stop and lock in an arbitrary position as soon as the Air Locker system is activated. This means that the gears are not always in a position that provides maximum locking force. Among the many advantages of the new Lock Locker design is the disposal of one third of the parts, compared to the classic layout. This provides increased accuracy and consistency of the components. A more accurate and consistent mechanism provides the end user with a much sharper and more responsive grip on the surface. Also, the new design allowed to create a large number of universal parts, which can be used in a variety of differentials. ARB locks

Constant research and development, the use of quality materials, and an uncompromising approach to production, all contributed to the success of ARB locks in more than 100 countries around the world. Studies provide the opportunity to verify that the strength of differentials exceeds the strength of the drives of the car. The patented design of ARB differentials offers unique capabilities even in the most extreme conditions. All components are made of high-quality aerospace materials. Since the lock is activated only if necessary, the ARB Air Locker can be installed on both the front and rear axle and controlled by different buttons independently of each other. To activate the lock, a pneumatic system or an ARB compressor is required.