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Old Man Emu Suspension Lift Kit

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Tune-up SUV

ARB (Old man emu) Suspension lift kit


Have you ever seen an ostrich running around? This bird can not fly, but its powerful lower limbs provide high speed, quick change of directions and amortize all contact with  ground, which allows you to easily move on any surface so that from  side it seems that his body remains motionless during running. It is this effect that OLD MAN EMU suspension engineers try to achieve.

To say about  suspension of the car, especially when it refers to all-wheel drive cars, that this whole complex will not be enough. Each car requires special attention in many ways. Only suspension system designed for all consumers is simply not practical, since everyone prefers to "adjust" the suspension to themselves, each with his own personal understanding of comfort. Despite these differences, most offers on the secondary market are offered only in a single configuration, and "elevator" will be only option offered.

OME does it differently. All components of these systems were created by ARB engineers and manufactured in Australia under uncompromising and constant control over the quality of the products.

Shock absorbers and springs for each car are developed first as prototypes, then tested in different road conditions and with different loads. These tests and subsequent debugging can take weeks to gain a combination of the best qualities. Tests continue until ARB experts are convinced that the spring or shock absorber has merged with the car, and no load on the car, nor the surface on which it moves, does not matter.

Arb shocks are quality and reliable shock absorbers for your car. Made of quality materials that provides long-lasting use.


The ARB company is engaged in the development of hanging systems for complete set of such famous car models as Jeep Wrangler JK, Nissan Patrol, Toyota Prado, Toyota FJ Cruiser, Toyota Land Cruiser and other.

For example, a set of springs and shock absorbers for the lift for 45-50 mm Jeep Grand Cherokee WK2. This kit will not only improve the performance of the car, as well as improve the safety of the car on public roads, and significantly increase the comfort when traveling over rough terrain. Australian engineers have significantly improved design of front racks, which made it possible to eliminate the problem suffered by regular shock absorbers - broken support forks. OME shock absorbers use the latest technology and the highest quality control. The aim of OME engineers was the development of a complete suspension kit for the Jeep Grand Cherokee WK2 with different characteristics of springs and shock absorbers, depending on the type of engine installed, as well as taking into account the features of the car's equipment. After all, luxurious and impetuous Jeep Grand Cherokee since 2011 is equipped not only with a classical spring suspension, but also air suspension and spring self-adjusting suspension nivomat which is installed with the option tow pack.

The OME BP-51 Shock Absorbers (Bypass-51, 51 mm internal diameter) offer revolutionary patented technology that provides unrivaled comfort and handling for your off-road vehicle, both on the highway and off-road.

These powerful shock absorbers, designed and tested in the most severe conditions of the Australian off-road, are equipped with a rigidity control system and remote tanks. They are designed for easy installation on a car, without making modifications to their own units and parts, and combine increased comfort when driving on highway and excellent control and handling of the off-road vehicle.

Known and other shock absorbers such as King Shocks and Fox Shocks. When you equip your SUV with shock absorbers King Shocks and Fox Shocks, participating in off-road rallies and races, the horizons will expand along with your capabilities)) It should be noted that the walls of the shock absorber cylinders are machined to within 0.001 mm. King Shocks and Fox Shocks are one of  world leaders in the industry of shock absorbers and springs for SUVs. But undoubtedly, The Old Man Emu BP-51 shock absorbers and at the same level of quality.