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1212 AED
Engineered to suit any off road adventure, ARB portable compressors come complete with a 6 metre air hose, inflation kit, battery clips, hard mounted activation switch and professional circuit protection. For protection and practicality, each kit is housed in a durable carry case. Available in either high output or twin compressor configuration. ..
3214 AED
The ARB Twin Portable Air Compressor is a safety net, especially for those of you who go deep in the sticks, and far away from help. If you are caught in a situation where you need air in your tires, or even air to power air tools when on the trail, then you’re going to be glad that you made this investment.  This system consists of twin ultra-compact motors that makes this one of the highest flowing compressor systems available on the market. It has an integrated aluminum air tank, ..
2009 AED
About the Product:ARB's new CKMTA12 and CKMTA24 twin on-board compressor kits were designed to fill the market need for a compact sized yet high-volume compressed air source to suit the high volume airflow needs of most air powered tools, and also to suit the actuation and control needs of the ARB Air Locker, and the harsh and demanding environment of the ARB Air Locker user.Applications:Pneumatic supply and electrical control for ARB Air Locker(s). (Air Locker Manifold Kit #171503 required)Rapi..
3511 AED
Why Upgrade your Suspension? From the factory, most new 4WD vehicles are tuned for comfort during on road driving. Once weight is added, in the form of accessories and cargo, and road conditions deteriorate, performance and reliability of your 4WD suffers. Quality, application specific, aftermarket suspension is designed to increase load carrying capability and improve both vehicle handling and comfort across all terrains, whilst providing increased ground clearance to better tackle mor..
9267 AED
Old Man Emu BP-51 High Performance Suspension System (Heavy Rated) for 2010+ Toyota FJ Cruiser  It will be incorrect and uninformative, if you describe the suspension system of the car only as a complex. Especially, in the case when it comes to all-wheel drive Toyota FJ Cruiser.  In practice, each car requires special attention in many details. Suspension is no exception. The only one, designed according to one typical principle "for all", the suspension system in many parameters is..
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